2003 Boys

Meet the Team

Team Roster

  • Jake B
  • Matthew C
  • Hobie D
  • Austin D
  • Ramiro F
  • Daniel F
  • Carlos G
  • John Michael G
  • Michael H
  • Kyle H
  • Matthew K
  • Braden M
  • Colby N
  • Bailen R
  • Matthew R
  • Michael T
  • Miller T
  • Tucker U
  • Diego V
  • William W

Practice Schedule

6:30PM-8:00PM @ Southwest Sportsplex Field 2
6:00PM-7:30PM @ Southwest Sportsplex Field 2

Upcoming Tournaments

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Mar. 10 - Mar. 11
Soccer Shootout - Boys Weekend
Foley / OB / Perdido
Apr. 14 - Apr. 15
Gulfcoast Invitational
Foley Sports Tourism Complex
More Info
Apr. 28 - Apr. 29
Mobile Bay Spring Classic
Fairhope Soccer Complex
More Info
May. 19 - May. 20
Destin Soccer Shootout
Morgan Sports Complex - Destin
More Info

Uniform Requirements

Practice: Players will need to wear PBFC blue jerseys (tucked in), black shorts, socks and shin guards.

Games: Players will need to wear PBFC yellow OR black jerseys (tucked in), black shorts, socks and shin guards Always bring the black jersey. Players will need to stay hydrated all day, so make sure to bring plenty of fluids for them! Healthy snacks/lunch should also be brought.

Order Uniforms


Ryan Stinnett


Wendy Holmes

Team Achievements

  • 2017 Mobile Bay Spring Classic- Champions
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