Guidelines for Parents, Players, and Coaches

In order to ensure that everybody is able to enjoy themselves, and most importantly, that the children have a great experience on and off the field, please pay close attention to the guidelines below. Whether you’re a parent, player, or coach, you play a part in the overall experience and are expected to conduct yourself accordingly.

Player Responsibilities

Players should always give their best effort and not become discouraged if they mess up or don’t understand something. All parents and players should have an understanding that this program was built for long-term player development over short-term winning. Children in the academy are brand-new to this kind of soccer and we want to build them up the right way. Be sure to:

  • Arrive on time at practice and games.
  • Bring drinking water and proper equipment to each practice and game.
  • Treat teammates and coaches with respect.
  • Tell the coach if they will miss a game or practice.

Parent Responsibilities

Encourage but don’t coach. Keep in mind that most of the other teams’ coaches and management staff are personal friends. The atmosphere should stay friendly and professional. Coaches understand that these games are not about winning, but teaching. Players will be put in situations they may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar with… this is ok. We will be encouraging them and teaching on our end. Help us keep a positive attitude on your end. Be sure to:

  • Provide transportation to and from all practices and games and arrive on time.
  • Lend the players your positive support and emphasize their accomplishments and efforts.
  • Teach children not to talk with or leave practices or games with strangers.
  • Ensure your child brings equipment to and from all games and practices.
  • Make yourself available to kick the ball around with your child.
  • Avoid material rewards and instill the attitude that the rewards are in the fun of playing.
  • Be a good listener and let them know they are contributing to a team effort.

Coach Responsibilities

  • Coach the children in a positive manner.
  • Lead by example and behave honorably and maturely on the field.
  • Limit sideline coaching, remain within your coaches’ lines and allow players to play their own game (although coaches can instruct from the sideline, do no to take over the game from the players. Coaching is best done during practice, not at the game).
  • Develop high self-esteem in each player and help them be part of the team.
  • Teach soccer fundamentals appropriate to the age group.
  • Attend a coaching clinic each year.
  • Provide a safe environment:
    • Arrive at practice on time and do not leave the field until each child has been picked up by the authorized adult.
    • Ensure players’ equipment conforms to the safety standards established by PBFC Rush.

Reminder of Southwest Park Rules

Pets are not allowed on our soccer fields. Most of us have a furry family member of some kind, and it is awfully hard to resist bringing Fido along, but please do. Some folks don’t pick up the “deposits” left by Fido and also due to insurance reasons, we urge you to keep your animals at home.

All children will be required to have their own shin guards. Cleats and a soccer ball are strongly recommended, but not required. Soccer ball sizes are as follows:

TOTS (size=3)
U6 (size=3)
U8 (size=3)
U10 (size=4)
U12 (size=4)
U15 (size=5)