Academy and Premier: September Outlook
August 31, 2020
Chad Hampton Joins PBFC Staff
December 5, 2020

After an up and down Fall season we were finally able to attend our first GSPL League Date of the year! We had 5 of our Premier teams travel to Hattiesburg, MS to take on some of the largest soccer Clubs in the Gulf Coast. For a few of our teams it was their second year in the league after competing last Fall before the Covid shutdown, and for a few it was their first time facing this level of competition in a regional league setting. 

The advantage of playing in a competitive league (GSPL) vs a good tournament weekend is that players parents and coaches have consistent quality competition to look forward to at these playdates. Also, teams are expected to perform consistently, and preparation goes beyond one good weekend. League play means that team depth is tested over the course of a year and teams are tasked with maintaining performances and must constantly improve in order to finish League play in a position to qualify for USClub Regionals.

Our teams were able to perform at a high level across the board picking up valuable points as they began the long road to securing a playoff spot next in May 2021. This weekend was action packed and had it all from our teams, big wins, last minute goals, and some tough losses at the hands of great opponents. As a small Club the biggest thing that stuck out to our Coaching Staff was that we can compete. We certainly have some work to do, but as a whole we are standing toe to toe with these larger Soccer Clubs and were competitive in every single game that was played this weekend.

We have a few weeks until we are in Baton Rouge for our second GSPL League Date and we will be ready to build on our performances and have another great weekend full of intense games played at a high level!

Team Breakdown: Hattiesburg GSPL Weekend 1

2007 Boys:  The 2007 Boys came away from their first weekend with all six possible points. They pulled out a 7-1 win on Saturday followed by a 1-0 win on Sunday. They will look to continue to build on this leading up to their next matches in Baton Rouge on October 24th and 25th.  “This is the teams first exposure to regional league competition and they responded superbly!  I am proud of the boys for their execution of our tactical preparations and the team finished a hard week of training with a well deserved six points.  We are all looking forward to preparing for the next GSPL challenge in late October!”-Christian Hatzenbeler 2007 Boys Coach

2006 Boys:  The 2006 Boys came away from their first weekend in GSPL with three points out of six.  A very good first performance on Saturday with a 5-0 win and then Sunday were challenged in a 3-1 loss.  A great start for this group as they look to continue challenging themselves each weekend.

2005 Boys:  The 2005 Boys came away with two points out of six this weekend.  The 2005 Boys had two draws over the weekend against some tough competition.  They drew 2-2 on Saturday and a 0-0 on Sunday morning.  The group will look to build on their strong defensive performance over the weekend and be ready to go into Baton Rouge late October.

2004 Boys:  The 2004 Boys came away with three points out of six this weekend in Hattiesburg.  They lost 2-1 in their first game in the final minutes on Saturday, but came back being down 2-0 on Sunday to score two goals in the final five minutes to win 3-2 on Sunday.  They will look to build over their next couple of weekends before playing in Baton Rouge, October 24th and 25th.

2002/2003 Boys: The 2002/2003 Boys came away with no points this weekend in two very close matches, 4-3 and 3-2. This group had a head start as they played a match in Hattiesburg a few weeks prior where they secured their first three points.  They will be ready to go for their next matches in Baton Rouge as well in late October.