Academy/Premier Inquiry
April 17, 2019
Publix Girls SuperCup 2019 Recap
September 9, 2019

This spring at PBFC the club has implemented a new training format for all Academy and Premier players.  The team training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday allow everyone to attend training on the same nights and make a carpool system easier on the parents!  This allows for us to free up time on Monday’s and Wednesday’s to offer more specialty training to our players.

Monday’s-Triple Threat Training:

On Monday’s at Baars Athletic Fields our players are highly encouraged to come out to further develop their game with the PBFC staff.  Here the players will participate in three 30 minute segments or a “triple threat” training environment.  This session starts at 6PM and ends at 7:30PM, come check out the fun on Monday’s!

Segment I — Ball Mastery and Technical Training:

This segment will address individual ball mastery, dribbling skills, 1v1 moves, and overall ability on the ball.  Players will learn new skills and have the opportunity to build their confidence through repetition.  During this 30 minutes players will get a minimum of 1,200 touches, brillant!

Segment II — Finishing and Goalkeeping:

Situations around the goal, whether you’re wanting to learn how to be a goalkeeper or a striker, is the place to be!  Coach Kenny Skinner will be working the goalkeepers, with the focus revolving around understanding proper techniques as well as moments in the game for a keeper.  On the other half of Field you will find Coach Dave McCarthy and Christian Hatzenbeler working with the strikers, focusing on developing more dangerous and efficient finishers in PBFC!

Segment III — Strength and Conditioning:

This segment will cover the physical aspects of the game with and without a ball.  Speed, strength, agility, balance, and stamina.  Coach Lem Allen and Michael Cote will bring their expertise and knowledge of fitness training to all of our players improving their overall conditioning, strength, and physical capability.

Wednesday Inter Club Scrimmages

Wednesday evening’s at PBFC is a fantastic opportunity for players to play in a full match setting against other PBFC teams.  Match ups will be pre assigned with the goal to provide a real match atmosphere in a training environment.  Coaches will be able to closely interact with the players on the field, briefly stop the play to make coaching points, and replicate match scenarios for players and team to learn from.

As a club we are always looking to help our players continue to grow, as we get to work on details in training it’s always best to use these times to help players develop! If you have any questions about specialty training please email Coach Christian Hatzenbeler at doc@perdidobayfc.com