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Thank you to all who volunteered for the 2019 Perdido Soccer Shootout

Be on the lookout Fall 2019 for your next opportunity!

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All uniforms will be purchased online through Soccer.com. We are a Puma Travel Club and will have the same uniforms until Spring 2021. Players are expected to wear only approved uniform items on the field during both the cold and warm seasons. Uniforms must be in good condition at all times: no rips, stains, or peeling logos. Please contact Soccer.com if you feel your uniform may be defective (ie: peeling logo), as these uniforms should last our players through the year. Soccer.com phone: 800-967-8326

Failure to show up in proper training gear could prohibit your child from training that evening.

Required Uniform Items:

Academy (U9/U10)

Puma Yellow Practice Jersey 

Puma White Game Jersey

Puma Black Shorts Puma Black Socks

Academy (U11-Premier U19)- Full Kits

Puma Yellow Practice Jersey

Puma White Game Jersey

Puma Grey Game Jersey

Puma Grey Game Shorts

Puma Grey Socks

Puma Black Shorts

Puma Black Socks

Puma Striker Backpack with initials

Optional Items

Puma ¼ Zip Jacket

Puma Campus Tapered Soccer Pants 

–All players must wear black shorts and black socks on the practice field–

–All players are required to wear shin guards and soccer cleats (not provided).

Additional club-approved uniform items are to be purchased from Soccer.com. You will receive a personalized email to order your uniform pieces, after you register for the season. You can also order uniform items by calling Soccer.com at 800-967-8326.

The PBFC Uniform Numbering System is as follows for U9 and up:

Goalies will be numbered 00, 0 and 1–Field players will be numbered 2 – 44

Practice Uniforms

All players should wear the Puma yellow practice jersey, Puma black shorts and Puma black socks to practice. Players should wear approved Puma ¼ zip jacket and pants (cold gear) for training in cold weather.


Approved club backpacks must be purchased through Soccer.com so that they will conform to PBFC standards.

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