PBFC New Academy and Premier Coaching Line Up
May 13, 2020
PBFC Announce Dates for 2020 Summer Training!
May 23, 2020

As Perdido Bay FC plans to resume Academy/Premier Spring 2020 Training on May 19th 2020, here is a live document on our protocol. This document will stay as a live link as we make updates and continue to receive guidelines from the appropriate channels.

Due to budget constraints through COVID 19 we are currently not able to utilize the lights for our training sessions. This plan includes our normal Tuesday and Thursday training sessions as well as an additional Saturday session to make up for time. The plan to help with issue is listed as well as the training layout for all teams and groups in our Return to Soccer Protocol.

In event of any questions please forward to Christian Hatzenbeler (doc@perdidobayfc.com)

Thanks for your patience through this time,
Kenny Skinner
Technical Director

Christian Hatzenbeler
Director of Coaching