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September 13, 2019
2006 Players Attend National ID Camp
November 6, 2019

After a very hot opening weekend for the Publix SuperCup with our Girls we endured a slightly less hot weekend for the Boys to finish up our home tournaments for 2019.   Boys Weekend featured 170 teams from Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee at Southwest Sportsplex and Foley Sports Tourism Complex for divisions from U9-U19.  Here is a recap of how our PBFC Academy and Premier teams performed:

2012 Boys: This team features mostly true U8 players, but they didn’t show this way.  The 2012 Boys believe in scoring goals over everything posting 21 goals over four games, but after a hard fought final vs Southern States in a 4-5 game, the 2012 Boys came out with finalists in the 2011 Yellow Division, great start to the season boys!

2011 Boys: This team also featured a lot of players in their first competitive tournament.  These boys had some hard fought games over the weekend competing in the 2011 Black Division,  which featured some of the best 2011 teams on the Gulf Coast. We look forward to watching these boys progress over the season!

2010 Boys: The 2010 Boys competed in the 2010 Black Division this weekend.  A very competitive bracket with a lot of great teams made this a fun weekend to watch. The boys had a great comeback on Sunday vs FC Dallas to win 4-3.  We look forward to watching the boys build upon their success on Sunday into the rest of the season!

2009 Boys:  The 2009 Boys competed in the 2009 Black Division this weekend.  The 2009 Boys obtained three different results this weekend with a win, draw, and a loss.  It was a competitive start to the season for the 2009 Boys and we look forward to watching them continue to grow from this weekend!

2008 Boys: The 2008 Boys competed in the 2008 Boys Yellow Division this weekend.  The 2008 Boys also obtained three different results over the weekend with a win, draw, and a loss.  The 2008 Boys finished the weekend strong on Sunday with a 2-0 win over Gulfsouth, nothing we love more than a clean sheet boys well done!

2007 Boys:  The 2007 Boys competed in the 2007 Boys Yellow Division this weekend.  The 2007 Boys started off the weekend strong with a 5-0 win over Breakers, after a 1-0 defeat in Sunday’s semi final vs the champions of the bracket, Mobile United the boys will look forward to continue growing in 11v11 for the rest of the fall season.

2006 Boys: The 2006 Boys competed in the 2006 Boys Black Division this weekend.  The 2006 Boys were tasked with two games vs Bayside where they ended up with a draw in both games, but their second match went to penalties being a semi final where they were fell short.  These boys posted two clean sheets over the weekend in the top bracket, well done boys!

2005 Boys:  The 2005 Boys were crowned Champions in the 2005 Boys Black Division this weekend.  The 2005 Boys posted two clean sheets through four games as well as being successful in penalties to win the event over GSPL opponent Brilla Juniors.  Great job boys, onto GSPL next weekend in Foley!

2004 Boys: The 2004 Boys were finalists in the 2004 Boys Black Division this past weekend.  The 2004 Boys posted three clean sheets over four games, but came up short in penalties vs Gulf Coast Rangers on Sunday in the final.  The boys look forward to taking this tough loss into GSPL next weekend by obtaining six points over their two games.

2003 Boys: The 2003 Boys competed in the 2003 Boys Black Division this past weekend.  A weekend of close results where they unfortunately came out on the wrong side of each time will help motivate these boys as they go into their first GSPL games next weekend in Foley.

2001 Boys: The 2001 Boys were finalists in the 2001/2002 Black Division.  The boys were competitive over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for their three games.  Unfortunately the boys fell short Sunday vs Florida United 2-4 in the final.  The 2001 Boys look forward to their next weekend in GSPL where they are currently in first.

Parents be on the look out from your coaches for a weekend recap in their own words.  Thanks to everyone who attended both weekends for Fall 2019, we look forward to seeing you all again in the Spring of 2020!


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