About the Board

The PBFC Rush Board of Directors is currently comprised of 9 members. The make-up and structure of the board is based on the PBFC Rush by-laws and includes representation from our recreational program, academy program, select program, and members of our community. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting unless appointed by the Board to fill an open position, according to the club by-laws.

The Board of Directors generally meet on the third Monday of each month. Any club member or anyone interested in the Perdido Soccer Community as a whole are always welcome to join us. Please contact the Club Secretary if you would like to join us so that we can add you as guest on our agenda and we can properly plan to host you. If you are interested in joining the Board to fill an open position or to be considered for future openings, please contact the Board’s Vice-President or President as they head the nominating committee.

Board Executive Members

Jimmy Holmes

Levin Papantonio Rafferty Law Firm

Kaylin Hart

Vice President
Adams Homes – General Counsel

Amy Terry

Baptist Hospital

Christina Brown

Ascension Sacred Heart

Board Members At Large

Andy Waltrip
 CPPA, Claim Solutions, LLC

Drew Stringfellow
 Ascension Sacred Heart

Vivian Johns
Perdido Bay United Methodist Church

Todd King
 EDS & CLA – Substitute Teacher

Kim Carmody
City of Mobile – Parks & Rec