Perdido Bay FC Fact Sheet

  • PBFC works hand in hand with the Gulf Shores Sports Commission, the Pensacola Sports Association, the Perdido Key Chamber and other organizations to bring tournaments to the area throughout the year. These events have been estimated to provide an economic impact of $1-2 million per year to the area. Since 2007, the PBFC has brought more than $5 million in economic impact to the county via our two annual tournaments.
  • In 2012, Escambia County invested some $10 million to build a state-of-the-art sportsplex. That same year, the Perdido Bay Futbol Club (PBFC) entered into a park management agreement with the county to operate a soccer organization and maintain six full length fields at the SW Escambia County Sportsplex. The Agreement was approved by the PBFC and the Escambia County Commission.
  • In return for the use of the facility, PBFC runs all aspects of the soccer organization that is available to kids ages 3-18.
  • PBFC spends thousands each year to maintain goals, nets, corner flags, benches, paint for fields, and staff at the Southest Escambia County Sportsplex.
  • PBFC is fully responsible for paying the monthly bills for all electricity and water used at the complex. This averages more than $1,000 per month.
  • PBFC currently provides soccer opportunities to some 1,500 youths in the local area.
  • PBFC has developed a partnership with Jim Bailey Middle School and Hellen Caro Elementary School to maintain their P.E./athletic fields on campus at a cost of more than $15,000 per year which is paid soley by PBFC.
  • PBFC has a pool of more than 100 volunteers (including adults, teens and US Military personal), who help maintain and run our program.
  • PBFC also runs a High School prep league to provide opportunities to players who are preparing for the fall high school season.
  • PBFC actively works to minimize the negative impact (caused by overuse) to the fields in order to maintain the integrity of the turf at the complex. PBFC will close certain fields or the entire complex when conditions put the fields at risk.
  • PBFC continues to work with Escambia County to propose and make additional site improvements, such as lighting more fields, adding bleachers and building locker rooms and office space.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can we start playing soccer?

We have a TOTS (U4) program built just for our aspiring little soccer stars that are as young as 2 and 3 years old.

What is the age limit at PBFC?

You can play up the age of 18. We offer rec programs and also have a high school training academy that is designed for kids aged 14 through 18.

What are the age groups?

USSF (United States Soccer Federation) and USYS (United States Youth Soccer) have recently implemented new age group guidelines for all youth soccer organizations to follow. They have switched to a birth year model. Your age group is now governed by the year your child was born.

TOT: Born in 2017 & 2016
U6: Born in 2015 & 2014
U8: Born in 2013 & 2012
U10: Born in 2011 & 2010
U12: Born in 2009 & 2008
U15: Born in 2007 & 2006 & 2005
U18: Born in 2004 & 2003 & 2002 & (2001 still in high school)

When are practices held?

We have no way of predicting when you child’s practices will be held until they are assigned to a team and the coach picks the day and time that is most convenient for him/her. All of our coaches are asked to practice on a weekday evening starting some time on or after 5:00 PM.

How often do teams practice?

During the Fall season the older age groups (U8 and above) are allowed to practice up to twice a week although it is not a requirement. Keep in mind that not every coach’s schedule will allow him/her to conduct multiple practices a week.

Where are practice and games held?

All Perdido Soccer practices and games are held at one facility which is the brand new, state of the art Southwest Escambia County Sports Complex located at 2020 Bauer Rd. The complex is roughly located between Hwy 98 and Sorrento Road on the east side of Bauer. All of your Perdido Soccer events (games, practices, clinics, and tournaments) will take place at these fields.

My child has __________ on Tuesdays, can I request that he/she not be on a team that practices on that night?

We get asked this question more than you can imagine and there are a whole host of other activities that your family or child may be involved in that can cause a conflict. We understand and appreciate that many of these other activities are important and that many of us have busy family lives, but unfortunately we simply cannot accommodate specific practice time requests. When your child is assigned to a team we have no way of predicting what practice day or time the coach may eventually pick. With over 500 kids playing each season it is not possible to try and accommodate every conflict or practice difficulty and the time to fix these kind of issues is not possible with an all volunteer staff. We ask that you do your best to make the assigned practice day and time work for you. If it simply is not possible then get in touch with us and we can issue you a full refund.

* If you volunteer to coach your child’s team you get the opportunity to select a practice day and time that works best for you and your family. Outside of the satisfaction of doing a great thing for your community, picking the practice day and time is the ultimate coaching perk!

How can I volunteer to coach?

While you are registering your child you can check that you would like to coach while you are inputting or verifying that parental information. Simply fill out the required information so we can run a background check and you will be flagged as a volunteer coach.

How much does registration cost?

The first child cost $80.00 and any additional children cost $75.00. In our Fall season the registration fees pay for the full soccer uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks) along with an end of season participation trophy. Parents still need to supply the league required shin guards and optional soccer cleats. Additionally,  each team is required to get a $200.00 team sponsorship. This sponsorship is not the responsibility of the coach alone. All parents are responsible for working together to find a team sponsor.  If a sponsorship is not obtain, the parents will have to divide the cost and pay the $200.00

Can we request our child be on the same team as their friends?

We allow for parent/player request for in our younger age groups (Tots, U6, and U8). What that means is that you can ask for your child to be paired with a friend and although we can’t always accommodate that request, we will do our best to honor it. Starting in U10 and above, all players are assigned to teams on a random basis with an emphasis on gender and experience evenly distributed among the teams.