Rules & Guidelines

The purpose of these rules is to state player, coach, parent, and soccer committee responsibilities and supplement rules/guidelines governing play for the soccer seasons. Any change to these rules must be approved by the PBFC rec soccer committee and board.

General Rules and Regulations

1. Park Rules

No alcoholic beverages, smoking/vaping, or pets are allowed inside the fenced in areas that include the playing fields, bathrooms, and concession/pavilion within Athletic Complex/Park.

2. Registration

Registration will be available using an online system and the “regular registration” period will be a designated time frame (normally 4 to 6 weeks) before the start of team formation. Late registration (registering anytime after the end of the regular registration period) may result in an additional $20 fee per player. Acceptance of late registering players solely depends on availability of openings on teams. At no time will a team take more players than the max acceptable for the appropriate age group as set forth in these rules.   Any deviation from this must be approved by the soccer committee.

3. League Ages

Divisions above U10 may change depending upon the number of players registered.

U4 :  Born in 2020 & 2019

U5 : Born in 2018

U6 :  Born in 2017

U8 :  Born in 2016 & 2015

U10:   Born in 2014 & 2013

U12:   Born in 2012 & 2011

U15:   Born in 2010, 2009 & 2008

U19 [High School:   Born in 2007, 2006, 2005, & (2004’s still in high school)

USSF (United States Soccer Federation) and USYS (United States Youth Soccer) have recently implemented new age group guidelines for all youth soccer organizations to follow. They have switched to a birth year model. Your age group is now governed by the year your child was born.

4. Player Assignment

The PBFC Rec soccer committee will make every attempt to assign players in age groups U4, U5, U6 and U8, to the team/coach requested by the parent/guardian at registration. However, all requests may not be accommodated due players-per-team limitations listed separately in this document, and the committee’s goal to evenly distribute the players by age and gender throughout each division. If no specific request is made, the players will be assigned randomly. Players in the U10, U12, U15 and U19 will be assigned randomly. As in the younger age divisions, the soccer committee will attempt to evenly distribute players within each division by age and gender. The exception in the U10, U12, U15, and U19 is that the team coach and assistant can coach their own children (considered protected players) as long as it does not upset the age/gender distribution within the division (for example, if a U15 coach and assistant each had 14 year old quintuplet boys, that would put ten 14 year old boys on one team which would most likely be too many older boys on one team). Each team coach in the U10, U12, U15, and U19 divisions is authorized to designate only one assistant coach for the purposes of protecting players. The coach may have more than one assistant, but only the coach and one assistant’s children will be protected.

5. Rules Governing Play

FIFA Laws of the Game, will cover all areas of the game except for those items listed within these pages. The FIFA Laws of the Game can be viewed here:
2019/2020 – IFAB/FIFA Laws of the Game

  • Coaches wishing to substitute a player need to send the player(s) to the midfield or center line just off of the field of play. All substitutions must wait for the referee to acknowledge the player and then the referee will summon the substitute(s) on to the field. Substitutions are done at the referee’s discretion and can only be done during a stoppage of play. Referees will commonly allow for substitution during the substituting teams throw ins and goal kicks, but it is ultimately up to the referee to decide when and where a substitution will take place.
  • Halftime may be lessened at the discretion of the referee and the agreement of opposing coaches.
  • Teams will start with an equal number of players. The number of starting players should be first determined by allowing each team to try and have at least one substitute on the bench but staying within the minimum and maximum guidelines by age group listed below. If a team has the minimum number of players allowed but does not have any substitutes, then the minimum number of players will start the game on each side.
  • In age groups that keep scores and team standings (U12, U15, & U19) if a team does not have the minimum number of rostered players the game will officially be recorded as a forfeit. The recorded score will be 4-0. Teams that do not have the minimum number of players can use rostered players from other teams in order to play an un-official game.
  • Playing Time: Each player in all leagues shall play at least half the game. This rule will not apply if a player is injured or sick. Any player discipline that would result in a player not playing at least half the game requires notice to the age group commissioner and approval of the rec director. If any of these conditions occur the opposing coach and referee must be notified prior to the game.
  • Eligibility: Players that are registered and actively playing in the PBFC Academy/Premier programs are generally not eligible to register for the PBFC rec soccer program. We do occasionally incorporate designated “training players” from our Academy/Premier programs into teams with the rec soccer program in an effort to support both the training player and rec teams in the rec program. A “training player” is a player that practices with a academy/premier team but does not compete in competitive matches with the team on a regular basis.
  • Occasionally Age Group Commissioners will work in conjunction with the Rec Director to assist teams that are struggling with team attendance and competitiveness with the other teams in the age group by officially supplementing a team with a player(s) from younger age groups. The goal is to help a team consistently field a full roster and be more competitive in their respective age group. These players would be considered an officially rostered player on the team.
  • Team Standings: Team standings for the regular season shall be determined on a point system and will only apply to U12, U15, and U19. A winning team receives three (3) points, losing team receives zero (0) points. Teams each receive one (1) point for a tie game. The recorded score of any game will not allow for a larger goal difference than four (4) goals. For example, if a team wins 10 to 2 the recorded score in the league standings would be 6-2.
    Final team standings for teams with an identical number of points shall be determined by a tiebreaker. The first tiebreaker used is the “Head to Head” record of the teams tied. If the teams are still tied after the first tiebreaker then the second tiebreaker “Goal Differential” (calculated by subtracting “goals allowed” from “goals for”) will be used. If the teams are still tied than a third tiebreaker “Least Number of Goals Allowed” will be used to break the tie. If the teams are still tied after a third tiebreaker than the final standings will result in a tie.

Age group Regulations

  1. Teams play 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 (whatever works best)
  2. Play roughly four 5-8 min quarters. No true set time. go with what works!
  3. Begin each quarter with a kick-off.
  4. Defend one side of the soccer field for the entire game.
  5. No goalie and no guarding goal during game.
  6. No headers.
  7. No slide tackling.
  8. Substitute (UNLIMITED) players on the fly.
  9. No Corner Kicks.
  10. No Goal Kicks.
  11. No Throw Ins.
  12. Coaches, parents, and spectators are asked to help keep the ball in the field of play.
  13. The rule of thumb is that there are little to no rules in TOTS.
  14. Have fun!
  15. NO Team Standings!
  1. Teams play 4v4
  2. Play four 8 minute quarters.
  3. Begin each quarter with a kick-off.
  4. Corner kicks will be utilized.
  5. Goal Kicks will be taken straight from the goal line.
  6. Defending team should retreat to the midfield line on goal kicks
  7. Kick ins (no throw ins) from the point the ball went out of bounds
  8. No penalty kicks or off side.
  9. No goalie and no guarding goal during game.
  10. No headers.
  11. No slide tackling.
  12. Goals can not be scored from kick-off
  13. NO Team Standings!
  1. Teams play 5 v 5.
  2. Minimum Number of players for a game to start or continue is 4
  3. Play four 10 min quarters.
  4. No Goal Keeper. The intention is to not have defenders in a stationary position directly on the goal line or directly in front of the goal. We recognize that at this age it is difficult to stop some players from retreating and taking positions on the goal line and directly in front of the goal. The referees will encourage and remind players not to do this. The coaches are also asked to constantly reinforce this and our referees will work with coaches to help reduce this behavior, but referees we will not stop play to correct this.
  5. Build Out Line will be used which will be Midfield (see #6 below).
  6. When the Buid Line is implemented the defending teams retreat to midfield for goal kicks and must stay behind the midfield line until an offensive player other than the goal kick taker touches the ball or the ball crosses midfield.
  7. Corner and goal kicks utilized. Goal kicks taken from the goal line.
  8. Begin each half with a kick-off.
  9. Swap sides of the field at half time.
  10. Throw-ins. If an illegal throw-in is performed, the referee will instruct the player on the error and give the player another chance to throw the ball in. If a second illegal throw-in is performed, control of the ball will be given to the opposing team.
  11. Handballs. If a player intentionally uses hands to gain advantage call the foul. If not intentional, continue with play.
  12. No penalty kicks. Use indirect kicks only, regardless of the foul and location.
  13.  No off side.
  14.  Goals can only be scored from the offensive half of the field. A goal scored from your own (defensive) half will result in a free kick for the team that shot the ball from the place the ball was shot. An explanation should be given to the player who shot the ball as to why the goal did not count.
  15. Goals can not be scored from any restart in play. This includes kick-offs, goal kicks, corner kicks, and a free kick awarded on the field by the referee. All of these kicks are to be considered indirect meaning another player needs to touch the ball before a goal can be scored. Any infraction will result in a re-kick.
  16. No headers.
  17. No slide tackling.
  18. Substitute (UNLIMITED) at referee’s direction.
  19. All fouls will be IAW FIFA Laws/Rules.
  20. NO Team Standings!!
  1. Teams play 7 v 7
  2. Minimum Number of players for a game to start or continue is 5 or 6
  3. Play two 25 or 30 min halves.
  4. Goal Keeper Utilized.
  5. The Build Out Line is in effect. US Youth Soccer Developmental Rules promote use of the “Build Out Line” and the ball is only in play once a player receives ball from the goal keeper or the ball crosses the Build Out Line. The means that the opposition team needs to wait behind the Build Out Line until a player receives the ball from the Goalie or the ball crosses the Build Out Line. Any infractions will result in an indirect kick from the Build Out Line.
  6. No Punting Permitted.
  7. Begin each half with a kick-off.
  8. Swap sides of the field at half time.
  9. Throw-ins. During the first half of the season if an illegal throw-in is performed, the referee will instruct the player on the error and give player another chance to throw the ball in. If a second illegal throw-in is performed, control of the ball will be given to the opposing team. During the second half of the season an illegal throw in will result in control of the ball being given to the opposing team without a second opportunity.
  10. Handballs. If a player intentionally uses hands to gain advantage call the foul. If not intentional continue with play.
  11. Penalty kicks use FIFA Laws/Rules.
  12. Offside is in effect. US Youth Soccer Developmental Rules indicate that a player will not be deemed in an offside position until they cross the BUILD OUT LINE to place themselves between that line and the goal line. In other words, the offside rules move from the HALFWAY LINE to the BUILD OUT LINE.  On most occasions we utilize a one referee system for 7v7 games and the referee will call clear and obvious offside infractions.  Very close potential offside situations will be considered onside unless the referee has a good vantage point to make the call.
  13. Goals can not be scored from kick-off.
  14. No headers.
  15. No slide tackling.
  16. Substitute (UNLIMITED) at referee’s direction.
  17. All fouls will be IAW FIFA Laws/Rules.
  18. NO Team Standings!
  1. Teams play 9 v 9.
  2. Minimum Number of players for a game to start or continue is 7
  3. If a team does not have the minimum number of rostered players the game will officially be recorded as a forfeit. The recorded score will be 4-0
  4. Teams that do not have the minimum number of players can use rostered players from other U12 teams in order to play an un-official game
  5. Play two 30 min halves.
  6. No headers.
  7. Substitute (UNLIMITED) at referee’s direction.
  8. Abide by all other FIFA Laws/Rules.
  1. Teams play 11 v 11.
  2. Minimum Number of players for a game to start or continue is 9
  3. If a team does not have the minimum number of rostered players the game will officially be recorded as a forfeit. The recorded score will be 4-0
  4. Teams that do not have the minimum number of players can use rostered players from other U15 teams in order to play an un-official game
  5. Play two 35 min halves.
  6. Substitute (UNLIMITED) at referee’s direction.
  7. Abide by all other FIFA Rules.
U19 High School
  1. Teams play 11 v 11.
  2. Minimum Number of players for a game to start or continue is 9
  3. Play two 40 min halves.
  4. Substitute (UNLIMITED) at referee’s direction.
  5. Abide by all other FIFA Rules.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Players must wear shin guards.
  2. All cleats must be made of plastic or rubber ? no baseball cleats (cleat on toe).
  3. All jewelry must be removed prior to the start of a game
Misconduct of players and coaches may lead to:
  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Caution (yellow card for player and verbal warning to coach).
  3. Ejection (red card for player and ejection for coach) from the game of the offending player or coach.

Any ejected coach must leave the premises and have no further contact with his team during the match. Any player or coach ejected from a match shall automatically be suspended from the next match his/her team will play (inclusive of playoffs). The referee shall report such conduct to the Park Official as soon as possible after the match.

Coaches and players shall not use foul or abusive language, or make insulting or derogatory remarks or gestures directed to anyone present, refereeing, or playing in a game. Nor shall they incite such behavior. All Parents and Coaches are expected to abide by PBFC Parents and Coaches Code of Conduct.

Procedures for dealing with an unruly crowd

When fans watching a soccer game get out of hand, such as yelling slurs at refs and players, cursing loudly or generally disrupting a game, it is the referee’s job to attempt to control the situation. If, in the opinion of the ref, a problem arises, then he/she should:

  1. Temporarily stop the game.
  2. Tell the coach that his/her captain will be given a yellow card if the problem persists.
  3. Have the coach go and explain to the crowd that a yellow card will be given to the team captain if they don’t calm down
    If this doesn’t rectify the situation, then a yellow card shall be issued to the team captain as warned.
    If the problems persist, then the ref should:
  1. Halt play temporarily and warn the coach that the game will be forfeited if the problem continues.
  2. Have the coach go and explain the situation to the crowd. The coach may tell an individual to leave the park if he/she is the sole cause of the problem.
    If the problems persist, then the ref should End the game in forfeiture, and the refs should leave the field of play.

Referees shall make the coaches aware of any possible ejection or forfeiture prior to the action being taken

The score of a forfeited game will be recorded as 4-0 to the opponents of the offending team.

U12 & U15 – Using linesmen
In the event that only one ref is present for a game, then that ref should ask each coach to provide one linesmen to help call out of bounds. One linesman should be a representative (parent, assistant coach, etc.) of one team and the other should be a representative of the other team.

Teams failing to field the minimum number of players within 10 minutes after start time shall forfeit the game unless an agreement is reached between the coaches, league officials, and the match referees. A forfeited game will have the score recorded as 4-0.

Players’ Conduct

Player who exhibit unacceptable conduct (see PBFC Bylaws) on the field of play or at the Park may be removed from the team roster permanently or for a specified time. Any such disciplinary action must first be approved by the Soccer Committee.

Coaches Conduct
  1. Coaches are not permitted to run the sideline. He/she shall be confined to an area in front of their bench, on the same side of the field as their bench.
  2. Unless special permissin from a league offical has been given no more than two (2) coaches are allowed in the team area during a game. Spectators are not permitted in the team area during a game.
  3. Coaches must ensure that a player with an injury or illness that required a physician’s care is not allowed to participate in a game unless a physician has released him/her (the Jansen Health Care Rule).
  4. Coaches may not enter the field of play unless summoned by the referee.
  5. Coaches are responsible for parent behavior and may be penalized for the parents’ unacceptable behavior (see PBFC Parent’s Code of Conduct).
  6. Coaches will strictly adhere to PBFC Coaches Code of Conduct.
  7. Coaches should utilize their respective Commissioners for any questions concerning the soccer season.
  8. It is the responsibility of the home team to prepare the field for play: mark the field, place corner flags, pickup trash, or anything needed to prepare the field for play. All teams are responsible for cleaning their area after each game or practice and emptying trash cans into the dumpster.

Schedules and Practices

Schedule or Reschedule of Games

Scheduling of games and practices are the primary responsibility of the Game Scheduler.

Contact the Game Scheduler and Age Group Commissioner if you have any problems with either game or practice schedules.

All games that need to be rescheduled must be coordinated through the rec soccer committee. Only the referee or rec committee member can cancel a game at game time (U6 coaches may do this). If a coach wishes to reschedule a game it must be done at least 24 hours prior to game time and in concurrence with the opposing coach and the rec soccer committee. Canceled games may or may not be rescheduled within the season. If one half of a game has been played and the game is called due to inclement weather, it shall be considered a complete game. Generally, games will be played in case of light rain.


All U12,  U15, and U18 teams are limited to three (3) “events” per week.  All U4, U6, U8, and U10 teams are limited to two (2) events per week. “Events” include practices or games. The week is defined as Monday through Sunday. A practice schedule will be distributed after teams are formed.

Game Schedule will be on the soccer website at least a week prior to the first game date.

Match Referees/Officials
  • U4: Coaches will be utilized
  • U5:  Coaches will be utilized
  • U6: Coaches will be utilized
  • U8: One Referee/Official, Parents or Coaches may be utilized if an official in not available
  • U10: One Referee/Official
  • U12: Three Referees/Officials
  • U15: Three Referees/Officials
  • U18: Three Referees/Officials

Any deviation from the number or type of officials must be agreed to by both opposing coaches and a league official prior to the start of the game.

Officials are responsible for:

  1. Acceptance of playing conditions.
  2. Proper conduct of the game.
  3. Keeping the score and official time.
  4. Decision to suspend or terminate a game.
  5. Decision to cancel game prior kick-off due to inclement weather.
  6. Report ejected players, coaches or spectators to the Board.
  7. Proper inflation of game ball.
  8. Acceptable dress: shoes, jewelry, anything that is worn that may present a danger to the wearing player, teammates or opponents.

The official shall rule on any point not covered in these rules according to the guidelines set forth in the FIFA Laws of the Game. The official’s ruling shall not be disputed nor argued with. Any question of referee decisions or rule interpretations must be made to the PBFC Referee Assignor, or his representative, or to a Soccer Committee member. The official will monitor and rule on conduct on the field of players and coaches and the conduct of spectators. Unruly or obnoxious spectators will be asked to leave the park. Referees should contact a Park Official to assist in removing someone from the Park.

Officials & Committee

League Official

Rec Committee members or designees acting as League Officials have authority to enforce these rules and “interpret” them for good of players. League Officials have final say on game/practice day decisions. It is the League Official’s responsibility to report any “interpretations” of rules, suspensions, or ejections to the Rec Soccer Director or Rec Committee as a whole within a day after game day.

Rec Soccer Committee
  1. Shall review any ejection or disciplinary action taken by the referees and forward a report with recommended action to the PBFC Board of Directors.
  2. Oversee and govern the PBFC Rec Soccer Program, its play, finances, equipment, coaches, and players and report to the PBFC Board of Directors.
  3. Foster an environment conducive to fun, good sportsmanship and knowledge of the sport.
  4. Develop and conduct or participate in postseason, if available.
  5. Insure proper behavior by parents, coaches, and players.
  6. Maintain website, www.perdidobaysoccer.org & www.perdidobayfc.com and provide appropriate and updated information for players, parents and coaches.
  7. Maintain and update these rules. Changes to these rules require 2/3 vote at scheduled meeting with minimum of 2/3 of committee present and then present the rule changes to the PBFC Board for final approval.