Recruiting Timeline and Information

Freshman Year

    (College coaches are unable to contact you – drop in visits and player initiated contact is allowed)

    • Financial
      • Start to research and understand the types of academic, athletic and financial aid, what types of aid are offered at each division, and the differences between equivalency and head-count sports.


      • Check in with your high school guidance counselor regarding NCAA core courses in high school and NCAA eligibility requirements.
      • Focus on improving and maintaining GPA


      • Fill out the PBFC College Player Profile HERE
      • Fill out the PBFC College Recruiting Worksheet
      • Research the academic and athletic programs of the schools on your Recruiting Worksheet
      • Attend college recruiting seminars and presentations hosted by your club or high school 
      • Attend College soccer games at all divisions


      • Draft a soccer player resume
      • Create Player Profile on FieldLevel and College Fit Finder
      • Record/acquire game film and create freshman year highlight tape (HS and club)
      • Meet with PBFC Rush coach to critically discuss areas of improvement