Recruiting Timeline and Information


  • Obtain financial aid forms online or from guidance counselor (FAFSA forms)
  • Research the annual costs of each target school


  • Check with local school counselor for SAT & ACT registration deadlines
  • Take the SAT or ACT tests and update your online resume with your results, retake tests, if appropriate.
  • Keep up with admissions standards—make sure you know which schools have set application deadlines and which offer rolling admissions and whether they have their own application process.  Keep track of college application costs.
  • Start getting letters of recommendation from high school and club coaches. Build a relationship with your high school counselor to get a strong recommendation down the line.


  • Coaches can contact you after July 1 between your junior and senior year
  • Keep detailed notes on which schools that you are interested in are corresponding with you, and begin to rank them in order of importance
  • Develop your Preferred College List (5-7 Schools), continue to evaluate your college priorities and how these schools fit into your list
  • Make unofficial visits (if possible) to selected schools. When attending, meet with the coaches, try to watch the team play, and record the visit through the admissions office
  • Fill out prospective-student athlete questionnaires.  Contact target schools, send emails and call coaches stating your interest in their program. Provide them with your tournaments and league schedules
  • Continue researching your target schools, academic programs, and their Soccer Programs


  • Meet with Christian Hatzenbeler to discuss soccer development & range of college opportunities
  • Record/acquire game film and create junior year highlight tape (HS and club)
  • Update Player Profile on FieldLevel and College Fit Finder
  • Send coaches updated links to your player resume and player profile on FieldLevel and College Fit Finder.  Send dates of upcoming tournaments and league matches to keep interested coaches informed of your schedule.
  • Continue with a top-level soccer club, attending quality soccer tournaments and events
  • Attend ID camps, consider attending the summer camp of a school of interest, or one which has a lot of College coaches on staff.
  • Attend College soccer games or training session of the division/level of the schools you are targeting
  • Asses the Pros and cons of each soccer program on your target list
    • Coaching staff
      • Style of play and Formation
      • Physical vs. technical
      • Coaching style
      • Personal connection
    • Team
      • Roster makeup
      • Breakdown of classes (freshman, sophomores, etc…)
      • Breakdown of positions
      • Player feedback (former and current)
    • Program information
      • Graduation rate
      • Season record (previous and current)
      • Program reputation