Recruiting Timeline and Information

Sophomore Year

  • Sign up for PSAT’s to gain experience for SAT’s
  • Continue improving and maintaining GPA
  • Meet with your PBFC coach to discuss soccer development & range of college opportunities
    • What level of college soccer is realistic for you to be a contributing player?
      • Safety schools vs. Reach schools
  • Start researching potential colleges
    • Fill out the PBFC College Recruiting Worksheet
    • Research colleges via the internet, college guides, school counselors, etc.
    • Send introduction emails to coaches at target schools stating your interest in their program and any upcoming matches.
      • Include graduating year and contact number/email for your club coach
    • Attend “college night” sessions
  • Complete/update Field Level profile
  • Update soccer resume
  • Set up campus tours at schools from the recruiting worksheet
    • See if a brief meeting or watching a training session is possible while at the school.
    • Unannounced meetings with coaches on campus count as an “unofficial visit” (unofficial visits are unlimited)
  • Record/acquire game film and create sophomore year highlight tape (HS and club)
  • Attend College soccer games at all divisions

(College coaches are unable to contact you – drop in visits and player initiated contact is allowed)